Question: If I add multiple event criteria to a segment, in which order will the criteria be checked?

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Criteria related to multiple events can be added to segment criteria. Therefore, you can view and combine data coming from different channels and events when creating a segment. As a rule of thumb, all criteria concerning one specific event are added to the same event criteria (block) and therefore they are always AND format. If you want OR criteria inside one block, the variables should be in a list format so they could be added inside one criterion.

In the image below, the system checks whether the contact's company works in education and is the company in Finland. The contact can't be a former customer. Also, the contact must have clicked a newsletter link within 30 days.

Please note that the fewer event criteria blocks there are the faster the LianaAutomation tool database search works. This also improves service performance in processing events.

Combining different blocks is done according to the Boole logic in the following order:

1) First all the AND NOT event criteria are combined starting from the topmost block with a AND NOT criterion underneath.

2) After that all the AND criteria blocks are combined.

3) Lastly, all the OR criteria blocks are combined.

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