Question: Which should be the first element in an automation chain?

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An automation chain can be started in many ways depending on what the automation is used for and the logic behind it. The most common elements to start with are:

1) Start at
2) Is in segment
3) Joined mailing list
4) Check score
5) Custom elements

1) Start at should be used at least when the automation chain must start at a certain time (daily, weekly, every two weeks, monthly) or when it must start only on a certain day / certain days. Usually after Start at element, Is in segment element is added so that the automation starts for all those contacts that are in this particular element.

2) Is in segment element is utilized to start automation when the element is waiting a contact to end up in a certain segment. Therefore, this element only starts an automation to new contacts in the segment that meet some condition that is set for the segment. The automation is triggered by the updated segment. The segment is updated as a result of the contact's own actions, excel importing or integration.

3) Joined mailing list element starts an automation when a contact joins or is joined to a mailing list. This joining can be done by an admin, through a newsletter subscription page or through integration. You can also define in the element that only certain type of joining is taken into account – the contact has subscribed the newsletter from a subscription page, manual adding by an admin or an automated adding through integration.

4) Check score element starts an automation when a contact has change of score event, and after which the contact's score is a certain amount. The variables are less thangreater thanequal to or other than.

5) Our customers might also have custom elements defined for them. These could be, for example, website visits or event registrations. However, using custom elements even in these cases is not mandatory. Instead, similar actions can be performed by adding certain conditions to a segment and by using belonging to this segment as trigger.

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