Question: Why can't I see a condition that allows me to search everyone who has subscribed to a newsletter when creating a segment?

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All available data is not automatically imported to LianaMailer unless it is useful in automations or creating segments. By processing only relevant data, the efficiency of LianaAutomation is kept at an optimal level.

You can determine which data is imported to LianaAutomation by default from the LianaMailer channel settings.


To determine the data you want to import, go to the Settings page. Choose Channels and click LianaMailer on the page that opens. There is a listing of all the event types of LianaMailer on the Events page. If the list joins currently are not visible in LianaAutomation, the listjoin event setting should be changed to Force Enabled. After this, the list joins will be available in LianaAutomation.

These settings will be introduced and gone through with your Liana liaison in training and set according to the customer's needs. However, as LianaAutomation usage expands, these settings might need checking. Contact our team in these situations.

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