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On the Sites page, you manage subscription/unsubscription pages, marketing pages, and welcome pages.

On a subscription/unsubscription page, a subscriber can join a mailing or cancel a newsletter subscription. You can create several pages, for different language versions, for instance.


The subscription page is created based on the site's name, therefore the page must be named without spaces or special characters.

General information

On the general information of the subscription page, the language of the page is determined and reCAPTCHA keys are added, for example. The subscriber can also be shown a reminder to add the sender's address in their email client's allowed list. This reminder is shown with the subscription confirmation.

Alternative addresses are the site's aliases. A typical site definition is that the customer's own domain is the main address and is the alternative address.


We have added a possibility to modify the robots.txt -file of the site. 

Screenshot 2024-04-03 at 13.14.57.png

Now it is possible to allow f. ex. newsletter sharing on social media. For that you need to add the following scripts to robots.txt

User-agent: LinkedInBot
Allow: /some/

User-agent: facebookexternalhit
Allow: /some/

User-agent: Twitterbot
Allow: /some/


On this page, you can change the field order of the subscription and unsubscription pages with arrow buttons, as well as add and delete features that are asked in the form.


You can modify the HTML code of the page on the Layout tab, if necessary.

Marketing form

If your account has the Tell a friend feature, the settings also display the Marketing form tab. You can determine the settings of the marketing page on this tab. On the marketing page a subscriber can send a newsletter to their friend and the friend can subscribe to the newsletter to be delivered to them in the future.

Grounds for sending

On this tab, you can choose which grounds for sending are automatically added to the subscribers from this particular subscription site. Managing the grounds for sending happens on the Grounds for sending page.

Embedded forms

On this tab, you can get the subscription embedding code for your website. You can choose either a static or a dynamic form for the embedding. The benefit of embedding a dynamic form is that if new data fields are added to the subscription page, they are automatically updated on the website form as well. On the other hand, if you don't want all the data fields on a website form, you may want to use static embedding.

You can also get the CSS styles defined in LianaMailer for the website form or alternatively use your own website's styles.


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