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On the Subscribers page, you can find all the subscribers of your LianaMailer account. Subscribers can be added, viewed and their details can be edited. You can add individual subscribers or upload a list in CSV format (for example an Excel file). For further information see Mailing Lists. 


1 Click a subscriber's email address to view their details.
2 You can also assign actions to the address (Allow / Block Posting, List Memberships) by activating the subscriber line with the mouse and clicking on the desired action icon on the top toolbar. You can also add new subscribers from the top toolbar or download the subscribers selected from the dropdown menu to your computer.

Either view all subscribers at once or only the members of a specific mailing list. See the different options from the dropdown menu.

Entire register
All subscribers on the account, also unsubscribed.

Subscribers for whom it is possible to send newsletters.

Subscribers received the message 3 months
Subscribers for whom your newsletters have been delivered within the last 3 months.

Active readers 3 months
Subscribers who have opened or clicked your newsletter within the last 3 months.

New subscribers
Subscribers that have been added to the account within the last 3 months.

Subscribers without a list
Subscribers that don't belong to any mailing list. Subscribers without a list can exist in LianaMailer, for example, because the original mailing list has been deleted but the addresses will always remain in the account so that their delivery information can be tracked and blocking of deliveries can be managed. Unlisted are automatically removed because they do not have grounds for sending required by GDPR due to non-listing.

Unreachable subscribers
Subscribers to whom newsletters could not be delivered for some reason. Reasons can be, for example, invalid email address or recipient domain malfunction.

Subscribers who have blocked delivery.

Subscribers who have given their consent or who, for example, due to a customer relationship, have GDPR-based grounds for sending newsletters.

Subscribers who haven't given their consent or who don't have GDPR-based grounds for sending newsletters.

4 Search for subscribers by name or email address, or parts of them.

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