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We have added a new section in LianaMailer statistics: Deliverability rating. It tells based on your previous deliveries and list health that how likely it is that your emails will end up in your recipients inbox and not in spam folder. The more you have points, the better is the situation. The graph at the beginning of the section tells you the trend in last 4 months. 

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And below that there is a table which shows all of your previous email deliveries and their deliverability points.

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Deliverability rating consists of 4 sections which are rated from 1 - 10 where 10 is the best and 1 is the worst.

  • Spam reports mean that the recipient or the receiving server have marked the email as spam. Using old or non opt-in lists (f. ex. purchased) should be avoided and it should be made sure that the people in your email register want to receive those emails and the content is relevant to them, and that they dont find the emails appearance spammy. Also adding the DKIM and SPF -settings to your domains records tell the receiving server that this email has been authorized by the sending domain so those are crucial for improving the deliverability of these emails.
  • Valid recipients mean that the address is invalid and the email has been returned to the sender. The reason for this can be that the address does not exist, the domain name is invalid or the receiving server is non-existent. The system blocks emails with 3 hard bounces with minimum of 7 days in between them but before that sending mass emails to big amount of non-working email addresses will lower the reputation of the sender and should be avoided. Again with using fresh and relevant email registers this problem can be avoided. If you wish, you can download the inactive addresses as a list from the delivery report and upload them into the unsubscribed section, preventing your sender reputation from suffering due to repeated bounces. We recommend removing only those addresses that bounce due to an incorrect domain name or because the address or receiving server does not exist.
  • List health means that LianaMailer checks in list import whether the list has a lot of known spam-traps, greylisted addresses, non-working email addresses or no-reply@ or info@ -addresses and gives the list a rating which implies how healthy the list is. This is a weighted average of all list healths in LianaMailer. With using Re-captcha and Double Opt-In in your subscribe page you can also reduce the amount of automated bot made subscriptions so that your email register does not fill up with bad email addresses.
  • Activity is a combination of opens, clicks and click to open -ratio. This means that the more active your customers are with your emails the better the score and better reputation as a sender. Here again collecting your email register from customers who are interested in what you send to them and creating interesting and activating content will improve the score.


Bad: The quality of your recipient lists is bad, you have a lot of non-working addresses, greylisted addresses, spam traps or generic addresses (noreply@, info@ etc…) in your lists. Also your recipients or the receiving servers have marked your emails as spam. This is probably due to using old, outdated lists or purchased lists, please review your recipient base and try to use as up-to-date lists as possible. Please check the section you have the lowest score in.
Poor: You have some improvement to do on your list quality and your email messages. Try to keep your email lists as fresh as possible and maybe remove the non-active members from them. Also check the content of your messages, maybe a lot of your recipients feel that it is not relevant to them.
Mediocre: Your list quality is above average and recipients are quite active. By segmenting your lists on the recipient interests by using conditional lists and/or collecting areas of interest in the subscription page, and offering your recipients relevant content based on that you can improve your deliverability rating and get better results from your email marketing.
Good: Keep up the good work, your list quality is awesome and your message content is just on point to your recipients. With the current trend you are on the road to success in email marketing!

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