Updates to LianaCommerce platform

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There will be updates to LianaCommerce platform during the spring. The updates will help make the platform compatible with PHP 8.1. After the updates, LianaCommerce will support PHP versions 7.0 to 8.1.

Changes to database schema

In the future, writing NULL values to most database fields will be prevented in the database schema.

For the REST API, if NULL values are attempted to be written to a field that does not accept NULL values, the default value defined in the database for the field will be written to the field.

The change is already live in most stores and has required some integration providers to make changes to their implemented integrations.

The biggest change relates to strings, which will now be returned as empty strings from the API, even if they were added to the online store with NULL values. It would be especially important to check the use of code fields (product code and category code).

Login change

There will also be a login change in the spring, which means that all administration logins will take place through auth0. The current login interface will be closed, so stores must be updated to the latest version of the new login interface by the release date. The exact schedule for this is not yet known, and we will inform our customers of the exact schedule when it is confirmed.

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