Delivery approval

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Delivery approval is an add-on feature and user management feature needs to be enabled.

1. There should be at least one Admin user and one or more user who requires delivery approval. This can be set by the admin if more users are required a delivery approval.


User will be the Admin.


Editor or user “” will require delivery approval.


2. Once the editor ( creates draft, on the final step (Dispatch), it will show “Request for Approval” button instead of "Send the Newsletter".


3. When the “Request Approval” button is clicked, a pop up will show that it is waiting for approval, and it will also appear on the front page of LianaMailer dashboard.



4.  An email will be sent to the Approver ( for example) and should look like this. Click the “Go” to view the draft to be approved or rejected.


5. The Approver clicks “Go” link to view it and it will go the mailer account front page. The approver should be able to see the edit icon to approve or reject the draft. They have the option to view the newsletter before you approve or discard. 


NOTE: once the Approver ( had clicked “Approve”, the newsletter will automatically be sent to the recipients of the newsletter. The editor can then check the reports if it has been sent successfully.


6. When the newsletter is rejected, Approver can add message on why it was rejected and give suggestions.



7. The editor will receive an email of rejection when the draft is not approved with the reason of rejection and a “Go” link to able to edit the draft again.


Alternatively, the editor can also check the front page for the rejected draft. Edit icon will be enabled when rejected by the Approver. If approved, it will not show on the front page, but rather on the Reports section.


8. The process will repeat again from Step number 2 until the Approver eventually approves the newsletter.

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