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The press release section allows you to view statistics and articles written based on press releases sent through LianaPress. You can set a specific time period to view and see the reach of the press releases during that time. 

To access press release features, it is necessary to have LianaPress service enabled and a LianaPress account linked to LianaMonitor.

In general


All publishers

The "All Publishers" option allows you to view publisher-specific information about the press releases that have been sent. The view displays multiple publishers if multiple publisher profiles are being used within the LianaPress service. This includes the total number of press releases sent, the open and click-through rates. 

By clicking on the publisher's name, you can access more detailed information about the press releases that have been sent by that specific publisher.

All press releases

The "All Press Releases" section displays a tracking analysis of all press releases sent by all publishers. It provides an overview of the performance of all press releases, including statistics such as the total number of press releases sent, the open and click-through rates, and other relevant data. 

By clicking on the section, you can access more detailed information and analysis about the press releases. Read more about press releases tracking and analysis.

General settings


In the "General Settings" section, you can enable additional features by clicking on the slider next to the desired feature.


1 Automatic sentiment: You can also enable automatic sentiment analysis (positive, neutral, negative) for all publishers and press releases. This feature will affect all hits that come from the press releases, providing a sentiment analysis for each hit.
2 Public hit RSS feed: You can get an RSS feed for all press releases hits.

Public hit list: You can get a public hit list of all press releases hits, this way you can share a link that shows all of the latest press releases hits. The public hit list is a link that can be shared with others.


Public press releases RSS feed: You can get an RSS feed for all sent press releases. This feature allows you to add the press releases to your own website by using the RSS feed. This way you can automatically update your website with the latest press releases that have been sent by the organization.


Public pages can only be read from these IP addresses: You can restrict the public RSS feed and hit list to be readable only from a specific IP address. Leave the field blank if you do not want to make any restriction.


Press release tracking and analysis



1 You can change the time period you want to view. The view will display the press releases that were sent during that time period and the chart will show data from that time period.

You can change the chart to display the number of press releases, ratios or reach.

  • The number of press releases sent and the number of press releases hits are displayed.
  • The ratio shows the open and click-through rates of the press releases.
  • Reach shows the reach of the press releases sent. For online media, reach is based on the number of unique monthly visitors of that specific media. Reach data is obtained through a third-party provider.

A list of sent press releases for the specified time period is displayed. You can manually select one or more press releases by selecting the checkbox on the left of each press release. By clicking on the title of the press release, you can view a general overview of the press release.


The press release overview


The overview provides detailed information on a press release basis. The press release content preview is also displayed. This allows you to quickly review the content of the press release.

The "Analysis" section located in the upper left corner provides a variety of charts and analysis based on the online media hits from press releases.

From the "Hits" tab, you can view the press release hit tracking information. You can see the articles that have been written based on the press release on different online media.


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