Installation of LianaAutomation Site Tracking plugin to WordPress site

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After logging in to your WordPress installation with your admin credentials, select the 'Plugins' option from the side menu, and then click on the 'Add New' option at the top.


Type 'liana site' into the search field. Click on 'Install Now' next to the desired plugin.


After a successful installation, click on the 'Activate' button to activate the plugin.


After activating the plugin, open the item LianaAutomation from the left menu and below that the item Page Browse, after which the following view opens:


Enter the API interface information, which you received from Liana's contact person, in the fields. The API information vary depending on the installation:

  • API URL: (full address)
  • Realm: (for example LCEUR)
  • API User: (typically a number)
  • API Secret Key: (combination of numbers and letters)
  • Automation Channel ID: (i.e. numerical identifier of the channel in LianaAutomation to where site visits will be recorded)

Finally, click Save Changes to save the changes.

If the information is correct, you will receive the following notification after saving:


If the information is incorrect, contact your contact person.

When the settings are in order, all website visits will be automatically connected to the channel you selected for the LianaAutomation tool in the future.


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