Reach the desired target groups with segment mailing lists

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The segment mailing list is an additional feature of LianaMailer that allows you to implement more diverse target group searches than the traditional condition list. The segment list retrieves the collected customer data from the LianaAutomation tool, so if you’re a LianaAutomation user, you can also use all the data sources connected to it on LianaMailer. For LianaMailer users, the segment mailing list feature allows you to leverage several different data sources to segment your target audience. If you need a more versatile tool for creating dynamic mailing lists, contact your Liana contact person about the introduction of the segment mailing list feature.

The message can be sent to several segment lists at the same time as well as to regular address lists, in which case LianaMailer automatically removes duplicates from the sending. The segment mailing list is especially useful for companies with large data volumes and potential future automation needs. It is easy to start implementing automations later on if needed.


As the segment mailing lists are an additional feature, our support team will turn it on for you. For instructions on building segments, see the LianaAutomation user guide.

Ask our experts for more information about the segmentation tool and segment mailing lists. We will be happy to help!

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