LianaAutomation's Ad Campaigns feature will be updated

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LianaAutomation's Ad Campaigns feature will be updated on the 26th of April 2022. The new version uses the new Google Ads API. In the future, ad campaigns will be created solely in Google Ads. You can still view your campaign results directly in LianaAutomation.

Creating Google audiences based on automation segments will be even easier than before with the new Audiences tab. Google processes the segment's email addresses and aims to connect them with the browser users it has identified.

Please note that Google's data updates and processing might have delay up to 34 hours before the audience is ready to be used for campaigns. Using campaigns as Google Ads audiences require that Google's Customer Match policy terms are met. Additionally, different campaign types have their restrictions regarding, for example, audience size. These restrictions can be seen best in Google Ads' control view, which shows what kind of campaigns each audience can be used for.

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