Step 3: Send release

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In the third stage you can check the general details of your release, as well as choose the delivery time and sender information. Before you press the Send button, send a preview to your email. A preview is always mandatory.

Sending the release instantly

Before sending out the press release, you have to send a preview. You can define the recipient of the preview in "Sender information."

Scheduling the release


To schedule the release for later, fill in the fields in the "Preset" section. Choose the timezone and define the date and time of the delivery.

Sending an embargoed press release

Embargoed release means that the press release is distributed to the journalists before the content is actually public, and the journalists are asked not to publish or report the content before a certain date and time. Embargo is mostly used when the release topic is very important and has a significant news value, because it gives journalists more time to prepare the the article and make it more profound.

You can set the embargo in the third stage when creating a press release. Tick on Embargo and the following fields will open:


In the 'Free to be published' field, choose the date and time when the content is free to be published. The date and time will be shown to the recipients of the delivery. Your press release will be published on the LianaPress portal at the date and time you set to this field.

In the 'Delivery' field, choose the delivery date and time for your press release.

In the example below, the press release will be delivered to the selected recipients on Friday the 1st of June at 7am. The emargo has been set at 4th of June, i.e. the content is free to be published on the following Monday at 7am. The press release will be published on LianaPress portal on Monday at 7am.


Please keep in mind that embargo is not based on any formal legislation. It is an established practice between the spokesmen and the media that has evolved over time.

Sender information

In this section you can see the sender name and the email address where the release will be sent. You can also add an optional reply-to-email address. In the "Recipients of delivery report" you can add the email address where you want to receive the notification after the delivery has been sent. In the "Preview recipients" field you can add the recipient of the preview.

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