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User group management

  • The user group management of LIanaCommerce has been improved: user group specific login and shopping cart durations, as well as order payment terms and automatic due dates can be determined according to choice.


  • Checklist feature has been developed: a list can now be added to the shopping cart at once and product arrangement can be done according to different features. The end customer can order a notification from the online store that is sent when the desired size of a product becomes available.


  • With products that can be personalized, it is possible to have an additional separate field for each purchased piece. This feature is useful, for example, for selling traveling tickets when you want to attach different passenger information on each purhased ticket.


  • A comprehensive RSS feed of the product catalog. With RSS feed you can export product images and information from one or several product categories to an external web service. This feature can be used, for instance, when you want to promote your products on a website that runs alongside the online store.

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