Online store contact information

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The contact information can be found from the General Settings. Enter the company address and email addresses, some of which are used for notifications within the system, into the fields. Fill in the required information and press Save.


1 Add the address of the store, which can be shown on the front page of the online store and in emails sent from the store.
2 Add the general email for the online store, which is used in the store contact information and as the sender in registering and password reminder emails to customers.
3 The sales department email address is used in product and product variation notifications. Additionally, it can be printed on page and email templates, this determines whether the general or sales email address will be shown to customers.
4 Add an address to which order receipts are sent after a purchase. A www address can be added into the field, so that the information is sent to the address in an XML format with a POST variable.
5 Determine default addresses (using a comma as a separator) to which a notification on a change in the order status is sent.

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