Delivery methods

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Add, modify or delete the delivery options available for customers from the Delivery Method Settings. Delivery method visibility can be chosen separately for each customer group. Press Add New Delivery Method to add a new delivery option, click on a name to modify the delivery method information, and press icon to delete a product from the system.


Specify the costs associated with a delivery method and its name in different language editions from the Delivery Method Details. The delivery cost units are the system's method of charging different sums for delivery based on a characteristic of the order. Note that the online store platform does not account for which unit is used, so the delivery cost units may be based on a unit of volume, weight, height or anything else. 


1 Enter name of delivery method in different languages.
2 Set a processing fee and the value added tax for the delivery method that is independent of the delivery cost units.
3 If free delivery is provided with this delivery method if the total sum exceeds a certain limit, please specify the limit here. Select the lower box if you wish to use the total sum as the delivery cost unit, rather than any properties of the products.
4 Table on the differential pricing of a delivery method. Enter the number of delivery cost units into the left column until which the price on the right-hand column is valid. Click Add more rows at the bottom of the page if you require more rows. See further instructions from delivery cost units.
5 A price in the right-hand column becomes valid when delivery cost unit becomes greater than the maximum number of units in the previous row, but smaller than the unit on the selected row. Click Add more rows at the bottom of the page if you require more rows. See further instructions from delivery cost units.

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