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Determine which payment methods are available for customers from the Payment method settings. The availability of payment methods can be restricted for different customer groups. Click on a name to modify payment method details and press icon to delete a payment method from the system. Payment methods that are supported by an online store are agreed on early stage in the planning process and a contract with a third party online payment service provider must always be made for online transactions, so that the appropriate keys and codes are in.


Determine names and descriptions in different languages from the payment method details. Payment methods may also include codes or keys, and a fixed cost of using it can be defined.


1 Enter the name of the payment method in different languages. The abbreviation of each language is provided in brackets after the field name.
2 As with the names, it is possible to add a separate payment method description for each language.
3 Add the cost of using the payment method into the Additional cost field.
4 Add your company ID for the payment service provider into the Customer ID field, if such a thing is available for the payment method. The field only applies to online transactions.
5 The Secret Key and Key Version fields are related to the information provided to the payment service provider in the field above, which the service provider has delivered at the time of the contract. Not all service providers use key versions.
6 Enter the service provider test code and test key with which the payment and the associated digital communication can be tested. The test codes for some service providers have already been inserted into the system. The test codes are available when the online store is in test mode.

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