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In addition to discounts, you can also determine different kinds of campaigns. A campaign can be determined to be available for a specific customer group, or so that the customer enters a campaign code in the shopping cart. 

A campaign can be attached to existing discounts, or use it only for normal price products.


1 A new campaign is added from the button that is above the campaign list.
2 Current campaigns are listed on the left.
3 The right-hand side column displays the information and settings of a chosen campaign.


Adding a campaign


1 Required information for a campaign is a name, abbreviation and description.
2 The campaign must be set as active for the discounts to be in effect.
3 The campaign can be set as public when it will, for example, show in the campaign listings of the store. The campaign does not have to be public in order to work.
4 The campaign can have a shopping cart price limit, in other words a minimum shopping cart price, when the campaign activates. The campaign can also have time period when it is in effect.
5 The campaign can be activated with one and the same or unique campaign codes. If codes are used, the codes are written in the Campaign codes field separated with returns.



1 Allow previous discounts section lets you determine if the campaign works with other possible discounts.
2 You can create a campaign for specific products when the campaign is only in effect when these specific products are in the shopping cart.
3 If No is chosen in the All products section, a listing of product categories will open and you can choose which categories are included in the campaign. Otherwise the campaign includes all products.
4 The campaign can be set active for all, or to chosen customer groups.

In the Campaign benefit section you can determine the benefit the campaign offers. You can choose from the following options:

  • Fixed discount
  • Relative discount
  • Buy X, pay Y [Of all group]
  • Buy X, pay Y [Per product]
  • Optional product line
  • Free delivery

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