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Define client, category and product specific discounts into the system. Product and category specific discounts only concern the customer group selected. Specify discounts by clicking icon at the end of the right row. Products may also have quantity based discounts, which are specified from the product management. Even if a product uses quantity based pricing, any possible discounts still apply. If a discount applies to a specific customer group, for a specific  category under the customer group, as well as a specific item from the category, the system will always choose the discounts that results in the lowest price. Furthermore, if the general user group (Consumer) has a larger discounts than a more specific customer group, the general group discount will be applied to the smaller group as well.


1 Customer groups are listed in the first column. Click on a group name to view product categories, from which group-specific discounts can be defined for either product categories or products.
2 The center column lists product categories as a tree structure. Expand parent categories to display subcategories by clicking "+" and correspondingly, hide subcategories by clicking "-" on the parent category. Click on a category name to view products and to determine product-specific discounts.
3 The right-hand column displays the products of the selected category. Determine different discounts for different products. Remember to tick the box "Discounts in effect" to enable the use of the discount for a product.

Customer group and category specific discounts are always in percentages. See below for a copy of the pop-up window for customer groups. Apart from the first row, the window appears the same for category specific discounts. An empty field or 0 (zero) signifies that a discount does not exist. Press Save.



Products may either have a fixed price discount or a discount in percentages. "Discounts in effect" needs to be selected for the product from either Product settings or discount management, so that the discounts can be seen in the final price. If both a fixed and a percentual discount applies to a product, the system will choose the one which results in the lowest price. 0 (zero) in both fields signifies that the discount does not exist. Press Save.


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