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Content pages are primarily meant for static pages, such as the terms and conditions, privacy policy, contact information or a frequently updated section on another page. These sections may include information such as the opening hours of the physical store. Content pages can be found from the platform settings from the Online store layout link. The page should appear somewhat as follows:


A content page must have a template in order for it to be visible. Ordinarily content pages should have their own templates, depending on its use.

Other pages on the site may have links to the content page or it might be a part of the system's pages as it is. In the latter case, the entire content produced with an editor is printed onto the appropriate location.

When modifying or adding a new page, content pages appear as follows:



1 The content page name is used as the page title and in forming its URL.
2 The tag is generated automatically. The tag is used when referring to the page from the site layout.
3 A template is chosen for the page from the drop-down menu.
4 Page visibility can be set as public or for each group separately.
5 The content page is created with a WYSIWYG editor (What You See Is What You Get). 

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