Copying variations

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You can copy variations from another product. Select a product from the drop-down menu and press Save.


Copying refers to transferring product variations from an old product to a new one without any reference to the original variations. They will also have a separate stock and sales figures. When inheriting, the stock and sales figures will update the original variations and the variation details can only be modified from the original product.


Store A sells T-shirts, which are naturally available in different sizes (such as S, M and L). Various products use the same sizes, but each product has a different amount of each variation in stock. It is best to copy product variations.

Store B sells XYZ cars. It is possible to add the same extra features into all the cars by paying more. Some of the features available are navigators, jacks and car radios. In order to add these extra features as variations, their stock and sales figures should update in one place, regardless of which car they were sold to. It is also beneficial to update information concerning them in one place, so that the information is updated for every product. Inheriting variations is more prudent in this case.

Store C sells flasks, which can be engraved as a variation. The engravements do not vary by product nor is there a specific amount in stock, but the complete amount of engravements sold is useful information for the seller. It is easiest to add new engravement options into just one location, from which the new option will be applicable to all products which have the variation. Inheriting product variations makes more sense.

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