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Variation details will appear at the top of the section. The variation and variation group details can be edited from it. The function of each field is explained below.


1 Edit variation group information. Specify group name and location, which specifies its rank in lists if there are multiple groups (the smallest number is listed first). In addition, set the group as compulsory, so that when buying the product, the customer must also choose a variation from the group. All variations have a variation group, and a single product may have many of them and each group may consist of multiple variations. Customers can choose only one variation from a variation group when purchasing a product.
2 Variations are deleted by clicking the Delete. Note that if there is only one variation in a group, by deleting the variation, you are also deleting the variation group.
3 Give the variation a name, image and description. Add an image from the Browse... option in your user interface by clicking on the button. If the variation already has an image, it will be replaced by the new one.
4 Add a product code and an EAN code for the variation. The product code can be specified according to your wishes. It is recommended to use the actual EAN code in the EAN code field.
5 Select Notificy on purchase to receive a notification, which differs from the one of the main product, when the variation is purchased.

It is possible to define separate delivery cost units for a variation that is different from the main product. See further instructions from delivery cost units.

7 Change the variation location, which determines its rank in the list of variations. Variation groups have their own ordinal number (section 1), which are used to control the order of the groups. The variations have their own numbers, which are used to determine the order within a group. The smaller the ordinal number of a variation, the higher up it is in its variation group.
8 If the variation is such that the customer can enter a specific input (for example, engravement in the product), the input type it will be defined from User input type drop-down menu. The function must also be enabled in the store layout.

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