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Products can be imported into the system from an Excel file on Catalog page. The Catalog page is in Product mass management, which in turn is on the Settings tab. You can also access the Catalog page by writing /admin/catalog after the store's address in the browser.

Products can also be exported from the system into an Excel file. Products and categories are identified with an ID, so new products and categories can be added to an exported catalog, it can be imported into the system again and limit the old products and categories from the update. If the ID field is deleted from a product or a category, it will be treated as a new product or a new category.

Naturally you need to format the catalog correctly in order for the products and categories to be successfully imported into the system. Therefore it is advisable to have the current catalog on your computer as a template when importing the products. The store does not need to have products or categories for the catalog to be exported.

Exporting products

Choose the desired language versions, data columns and categories. The easiest way is to choose all but with large product quantities exporting and importing can slow down. You can also narrow the range with keywords and organize them according to different criteria. If you wish to add products into the system, it is advisable to organize the products according to the admin order, so that the product order remains the same. 

Press Export, and the catalog will be downloaded onto your computer as a .CSV file. This can be opened with any spreadsheet program, such as free Open Office.


Importing products

Choose the catalog file you want to import click Import.


From the next window you click further to Continue to preview.


In this window you first choose which products are added. It is recommended that you only add the new products and categories by choosing Choose only new rows, or only the modified products and categories by choosing Choose only modified rows.

After this click Save changes and the products will be updated to the store.

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