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Product variations enable adding additional options for products, which may have a different code, price and delivery charge. There may be several variations and variation groups for a single product. When making changes to variations or variation groups, always finish by pressing Save. Add variations to a product by pressing the function icon (see image below) or if the product already has variations, edit them by clicking Modify on the variation row.


Variations can be used for many purposes. A product may have a series of general variations, such as different sizes, which all other items copy. Variations can also be used for managing add-ons.

Example 1: The product T-shirt has the variation group Colors, which includes:

  • Blue
  • Red
  • Black

Another variation group could be prints, which can be personalized by choosing an image and text that are printed on the same product. In order to make product characteristics that are dependent on the same stock (for example sizes and color; there is a specific amount of different sizes for each color), then they should be included in the same variation group. In this case, it is possible to make a variation group Sizes and colors that includes the variations Blue SBlue MBlue L and so on, and then an option of adding prints.

Example 2: The product Mobile Phone model XXXX could have the following variations, that can be ordered with the product:

  • Ultra-capacity battery
  • Charger
  • Personalized covers
  • Headphones

Only one variation from each variation group can be added to the product. This is why example 2 would need four variation groups, so that all of the add-ons could be chosen for the product simultaneously.

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