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This view controls the product-specific visibility settings. Press Save after making any changes.


1 Choose which category the product belongs to from the drop-down menu.
2 It is possible to add more categories than just the main category for a product. In this case, the product can be found from the administration and the public site under all of the categories. To add more categories select a category from the drop-down menu and press Save.
3 You can define how many pieces the stock must contain so that it will be visible in the online store.
4 Enter the availability period, which is the time period for which the product is available online unless other visibility criteria block it from being viewed. Clicking either of the text fields opens a calendar view, so dates do not have to be entered manually. Select a date when the product will become visible (at 00:00:00), and to the other, the date it will become hidden (at 23:59:59).
5 Set the product as hidden. This setting will overrule all other visibility settings and hide the product entirely from the public site.
6 The settings NewPopularGreat offer and Product of the week are all features that can be used to highlight products in the online store. For New items, the time it was added affects the presentation order in a list. Different highlighted product lists can be defined when designing the layout onto the front page, margins or even as a separate section in the category list. If you wish that a product will be more visible on the store, choose one or more of these features. To present the product as a promotion, the "Visible as a Promotion" section must be selected.
7 Determine whether the product can be viewed in advance. Such products are visible on the store even though they are not yet available.
8 If this is selected, products will be shown online even if they are not available in stock.

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