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The Product management view displays the product categories entered into the system, which can be modified from the Categories section. Individual products and their details can be edited through Categories or Selections.



1 Choose whether to view the products through categories (Categories) or whether to search for specific products based on their features (Selections).
2 See center left for a list of categories which open as a tree structure. Press "+" to expand on a category to show its subcategories, and when the subcategories are visible press "-" to hide them. Click on a category name to view its products on the central block.
3 This block shows the products of the selected category. Click Add new product to add a new product into the selected category, and click on a product name to modify the product information. The number of units of the product that are in stock in the system at that specific time is in brackets after the product name. The different variations of a product and the number in stock can be viewed under each product. Change the order of the products on the list, edit product variations, copy or delete products by clicking the icon and selecting the appropriate option. A product variation can also be edited by clicking Modify on its respective row.
4 You can change the order of the products by clicking Sort products.



If you chose Selections, the system will appear somewhat as following.


1 From the top of the search options, from the drop-down menu select a category from which the products will be selected to a list view, and from the lower drop-down menu choose a descriptive keyword. Under Price and Inventory price enter the lowest price on the left and the highest on the right. The search will focus on products within the price range.
2 Choose product search features from the center left that you wish to include in the search. From the drop down menu, choose whether or not you wish to have the setting on or off (all features only have yes/no options in this section). Press Search and the products that correspond to the criteria will appear as a list in the center.
3 Products found through the search are listed in a similar manner as in a category view. The actions and information can be viewed from the explanatory box in section 3 in the diagram above.

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