Domain transfer

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1. Contact our sales team and tell that you want to transfer your web hosting service and domain. Also give the .com domain authoraization keys and DNS zone information that you might have. Give us the time when the trasfer can be done in the additional information field.

2. We start the domain transferring right after we have certain criteria met (see below).

Note! You can ask for your previous service provider to change our name servers to your domain before the actual transfer. This way the domain is already directed to our servers - and the transfer can be made in the background.


3. Once the domain has been transferred to us and you have taken care of the required actions, we can transfer your domain to the new server.  

.com, .net, .info and .org

Notify your current service provider about changing to another service provider and ask them to remove the Registrar Lock from the domain and to give the Transaction ID, Domain password, or Auth-id. After this we apply for the domain transfer and send the domain owner (usually the customer) and admin (usually the old service provider) a confirmation for the domain transfer by email. At least the owner must confirm the transfer for the transfer process to start. The transfer normally takes 6-15 days.

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