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An image is added from the Image icon of the toolbar in the editor view.


1 Image address can be any image address on the internet. However, it is recommended to use your own images that you've uploaded into LianaCMS and can be found by pressing the Choose from files button.
2 After choosing an image it is shown in full size in the Preview.

You can determine more image properties but it is not required.

Make link
If you want to create a link for the image, here you can write the link's URL address. You can also create a link later by clicking the image active and by creating a normal link.

The image's title is displayed to the user on the page when they take the cursor on the image. The title provides additional information about the image to the user.

Description is an optional text that is displayed to the user when the image for reason cannot be downloaded or the user doesn't want to dowload it. This could be due to the user's browser or because the image has been removed/transferred to another folder.

You can determine the image to placed to the left or to the right on the page.

The image is always full-size by default but its size can be modified. If you want the image to always be the same size, you might want to edit it to be the right size. More about editing an image in LianaCMS can be found in Editing image files.

Finally press the Add image button.

You can choose a focus point in the image, and the image will be displayed on the page from around this area. This feature is useful when you want to make sure that the image is focused on the desired point and that point is not scaled out, for example when using a smaller spot for an image.

To utilize this function, open the image you want to focus on the Media page. From the tab that opens, you can choose the focus point of the image. Save your choice.


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