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Links are created and deleted from the editor toolbar.

Inserting and editing a link

A link is created by highlighting the appropriate piece of text and pressing the Insert/Edit Link button. A link is added into a picture by first clicking the picture once and then the Insert/Edit Link button.

The easiest way to edit a link is to double-click it. You can also choose the link by clicking it once and then pressing the Insert/Edit Link button.


The link's address will be the whole URL address of the link, such as You can also choose a file as the target of the link (Choose from files) or an existing page on the page list (Choose a page). The link can be set to open in a new window but this is not recommended.

Inserting an email link

Inserting an email link happens the same way as inserting a normal link, except you must put the text mailto in front of the link's address. For example,

Deleting a link

Delete a link by clicking the link text once and then pressing the Unlink button.

Adding a Link onto an Anchor

Anchors are like bookmarks at a certain spot of an individual website. If you create a link and refer to an anchor link on the same page, the page will automatically jump to the spot where the anchor has been set.

Insert an anchor to the part of the text where you want the link to lead:

  1. Paint the text with your mouse
  2. Click the Insert anchor/Edit anchor button on the toolbar
  3. Give a name to the anchor. Make note that umlauts, spaces or special characters cannot appear in the name.

A created anchor is displayed as a red flag icon in the editor. On the page itself the anchor is invisible and only starts to work when an actual link is directed to it.

Create a link to the part from which you want to jump to the anchor:

  1. Paint the text with your mouse
  2. Click the link tool and open the Anchor tab in the window
  3. Choose the anchor you previously created from the dropdown menu
  4. Click add link

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