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You can enable Google Analytics tool on your website that helps you to monitor the visitor information of your site. It is easy to start using the the analytics tool.

Analytics introduction


You start using the analytics tool by clicking the Begin by clicking here button. After this the page redirects you to the Google login page.

  1. Login to your Google account
  2. Click I accept
  3. Choose a profile from your Google account (if you have several) and save

After this you have the analytics in use and the visitor information is updated to LianaCMS in the next 24 hours.

Analytics information

After the introduction of analytics, you can see the details of the analytics account from the Analytics page. You can also delete the Google Analytics interface from settings.



NOTE: Google Analytics embedded in LianaCMS only works with Universal Analytics, where the Embed code is in the format UA-xxxxx. If you have a new GA4, then the connection must be made via the settings -> search engine management page by adding the embed code.


You will recognize the Universal analytics code and the GA4 account from Analytics Management if, on the Analytics side of the account management, in addition to the tracking code, the views field is blank

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