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Under the Search Engine Settings page, you can edit your site's basic settings and search engine visibility

Note: The Search Engine Management page, the "Site Info" section was previously displayed in the system.

The site settings are site and language-specific. If the CMS contains several sites or language editions, the site settings should be set for each language and site individually.

Move to another site or language by pressing the language menu button located in the upper right-hand corner.

Search engine settings page for search engines

New page Search engine settings has been added to site settings. All the general search engine settings of the site have been added onto this page. You can find the page by going to Settings on the top menu and then clicking Search engine settings.


Site Search Engine Optimization tab

On the first tab of the page you can edit the general information of the site that are shown by search engines, such as website title, website description and keywords. You can also preview what the site looks like on search engines with the current texts.


Note! The site preview is language version specific, so if the updated site is multilingual you need to add website title, description and keywords separately to all the different language versions.

After the site information has been updated, there's usually a short delay before the changes are updated on search engines. Learn more about this.

Sitemap settings tab

On this tab, it is possible to enable or disable dynamic sitemap for search engines. Sitemap is usually switched on by Liana when the site is published. 

Sitemap settings tab also displays information about the sitemap, its updating, language versions and the possibility to resend the sitemap to search engines. 

Also changing the settings for Robots.txt and other web crawlers for the whole site can be done on this tab. For example, separate Disallow rules can be defined for the site if you don't want some parts of the site to be indexed on search engines. 


Analytics and tracking tab

This tab has all the settings that are related to the site's analytics and tracking. Partner integrations are also included and the section will be expanded to other analytics tools as well. 

This tab also has fields for embedding separate tracking scripts to all page template head and body sections. 

The fourth tab Redirections is also now a part of the Search engine settings page but the functionality has stayed the same.  

Enable Cookie notifications 

The option to enable cookie consent for the site has also been added to the Analytics and Tracking page.


This is done by clicking on the enable cookie consent functionality and adding the embed codes to be downloaded after approval in the first box.

Read more detailed instructions on how to enable cookie functionality here


Features for the content page search engine optimization

As in the website's general settings, also the Search Engine Optimization tabs of individual content pages have a unified view and preview regarding the content on individual content pages.

Regarding the pages, making redirections has been streamlined by adding the possibility to make redirects to that page directly from the tab.


Social media tab

Previews for social media posts have been added to the Social media tab.



Do you want more information about the update? Contact our team, we'd love to tell you more!

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