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Users page lists all the users of LianaCMS. At its simplest it's a list of the site admins. Also possible intranet and extranet users are listed on this page.


1 Users page main view shows you a list of all the users, as well as information about the last login time, for instance. You can modify/examine a user's details by double-clicking their username. By clicking the row of the user you can also choose an action from the menu on the top of the page (2).
2 Different actions can be directed at a user. Hover the cursor over an action to receive more information.
3 On the listing you can also see the user membership groups that a user belongs to. If a user is in more than one group, you can see all the groups in user information. You can also browse users according to groups (6).
4 The Groups tab lets you to manage user groups.
5 The last user login date is also visible in the listing. If the username has an expiration date, you can see it in the Valid column.
6 You can also browse users according to groups.

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