Managing files and folders

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Uploading files

Inserting a file happens by pressing the Upload a new file button on the toolbar and choosing the files you want to upload by pressing the Browse...button. The file can be an image or any other type of data (also Zip file), but it should be under 20MB to ease the process. Once you have chosen all the files you want, press Send.

Two files with the same name cannot be in the same folder in LianaCMS. If you want to replace an existing file with another one, tick the box "Replace files of the same name". If you don't want to replace, rename the files on your computer, otherwise the uploading will fail.

Adding a folder

Begin adding a folder by pressing the Add a new file folder button and naming the folder. Once you have named the folder, finish creating the folder by pressing Add.

The folder name consists of lower case letters and special characters cannot be used. If the folder name has capital letters or special characters, the system automatically transfers the name into a permitted form. When you're, for example, creating a file called "Järjestelmät", it is automatically changed into "jarjestelmat".

Other functions

  • Delete the selected file or folder
  • Rename the selected file or folder
  • Move or copy the selected file or folder to another folder
  • Replace the selected file with another
  • Download the selected file

These same functions can be found behind the Actions icon.

Renaming files or changing folders are automatically updated to other pages as well, so you don't have to worry about the images functioning on the site, for example.

When replacing an image file with another image, the new image file has to be exactly the same size as the old image. If the image is different size and especially if the new image has different dimensions, the image is scaled according to the old image size and dimensions. In this case the image must be re-added to the target page.

Connecting to Dropbox

Connect folder to Dropbox

You can connect a folder to a folder in Dropbox. This particular Dropbox folder's contents will be uploaded to LianaCMS and files are synchronized every hour.


Begin by clicking a folder active and then clicking the "Connect folder Dropbox" button. After this follow the instructions LianaCMS gives you. An existing Dropbox account is required to use this feature.

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