Private files

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Files can be set as private, so that they cannot be accessed without signing in or if you don't belong to the right group.

Private files can be found on the Private files tab of the Media view. If this tab is not visible, you need to enable Private files in the Security settings.

Uploading a private file

Private files can be uploaded the same way as other files. The difference is that you cannot send files to the root file. Always choose a file beforehand or create a new file before you send the file.

Determining group access


Group access is determined for each folder separately.

1 The viewing and administrative permissions of a private folder are controlled by clicking on the Permissions link by the file.

View permissions determine which groups have the permission to look at the files. Administrator permissions determine which groups have the permission to modify the files.

Site managers always have access to all files and folders and this access cannot be denied.

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