Image editing in LianaCMS

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You can do some editing on the image files uploaded to LianaCMS. Begin by clicking the image name in the file list of the Media view, and choose the Modify tab.

Options for modifying images are pictured below:


  • Save image
  • Revert to last saved
  • Toggle selection color (black or white)
  • Crop image 
  • Resize image

Image focus

You can choose a focus point in the image, and the image will be displayed on the page from around this area. This feature is useful when you want to make sure that the image is focused on the desired point and that point is not scaled out, for example when using a smaller spot for an image.

To utilize this function, open the image you want to focus on the Media page. From the tab that opens, you can choose the focus point of the image. Save your choice.


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