Adding and editing contacts

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The views for adding a contact and modifying a contact are similar.


Contact type
The type of the contact defines the name field of the contact. A person has two name fields (first name and last name), an organization has one name field.

Every contact must have at least one category. Additional information can be given to a product with a category, an image or contact information, for instance. These can be seen in the Contact properties section if some additional properties have been defined for the category. Making a translation for a contact can also be done from Contact properties.

Contact visibility can be set as public, protected, hidden or visible only for those that are logged in.

Published and hidden contact
A contact is published immediately after saving by default. However, a publishing time somewhere in the future can be determined for a contact if you don't want to publish it right away. A contact can also be scheduled to be hidden at a certain time, but this selection is empty by default.

User who owns the product
An owner can also be set for a contact. This is the person who has created the contact by default.

A contact can also be deleted by ticking the Delete box and pressing save. Note, that this delete function cannot be cancelled.

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