Adding and editing products

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The views for adding and editing products are the same. The view mostly depends on the properties that have been determined for product categories and they are site-specific.


Settings point by point

The product has to have a name. Can be added in different languages if the site has many language versions.

A product must belong to at least one category. By choosing a category, more properties appear on the product creation page and these properties depend on the properties that have been to specific categories. These enable, for example, attaching pictures to a product.

Visibility determines is the product public or visible to only some part of users.

Product launch and withdrawal
A product can have a launch time and a withdrawal time. If these are left empty, the product is launched immediately.

Commenting settings determine whether the product can be commented on or not.

Product owner
The username that has been used to create a product is named as the product owner. It can be changed, however. The owner's signficance to the product is site-specific.

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