Products in LianaCMS

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Products can be accessed from the main menu by clicking Products.


  1. You can edit the product item by clicking the title of the item. From the left side you can select one or multiple product items. By clicking one or multiple items, the toolbar on the top is activated and you can mass delete products.
  2. Functions for contact management are listed on the toolbar. You can add new product or select visible columns displayed on the listing, read more about selecting relevant columns. Hover the mouse over the icons to get more information.
  3. You can use quick search to find items in listings faster.
  4. You can choose products only from a specific category using the category drop-down menu.
  5. You can view products from a certain month or year.
  6. From the Actions icon you can delete a product item or edit it.

Select visible columns

The number of visible columns on a listing can be modified. This allows you to select relevant columns displayed on the listing.


Selected columns are displayed in the list view. Select the columns that you want displayed on the listing. The columns will be shown after you click Save. The order of the columns can be changed with the green arrows on the right.



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