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Event list makes a list of registered events that are shown on the list according to category.

Event list main view shows all those events that according to category are shown on the list in question. By clicking the title of an event you get to modify it.

You can determine which categories are displayed and other event list settings on the Settings tab.

Event list settings


Name is the identifier for an event list.

List source
Either events or news can be chosen to be displayed on the event list. It is recommended to use News list module for listing news but event list can also be utilized if news are used in the same manner as events.

Show categories
This section allows you to choose the categories from which events are displayed. At least one category must be chosen in order for the events to show up on the list.

Require all categories
If multiple categories have been chosen to be shown on the event list, with this setting you can choose that only those events that belong to all categories are shown. If an event belongs to only one of the shown categories, while this setting is "Yes", this event is not shown on the list.

Display time span
Events can be shown on the event list according to time span. This way event lists that show past events, current events and/or future events can be created.

You can also choose a timeline for listing events when only events between this timeline are shown.

Amount of events
This section allows you to choose how many posts the module shows on the page by default.

The posts are displayed in chronological order by default. This order can, however, be changed according to modifying time or to random.

Day link to page
This setting determines to which page the links on the list are directed. By default the links are directed to the same page that the event list module is on. This setting is page-specific and usually doesn't require changes in the page admin.

Appearance and advanced settings


Event list format setting determines how the list is displayed on the page and is weekend shown or not. Wall calendar setting allows you to choose whether the calendar displays week numbers or not and is it possible to browse the calendar (past/upcoming month).

Advanced settings
Advanced settings allow you to determine if RSS feeds are created of the event list and if event list browsing applies only to this calendar or other calendars on the page as well.

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