User settings in LianaCMS

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Personal information can be edited by clicking the username in the upper right-hand corner.


1 On Preferences tab you can edit your name, the language of the admin view, timezone and date and time formats. Only write a new password in the field if you want to change your password.
2 Login History tab shows you information about your earlier logins, such as the date, time and IP address.
3 You can use your personal API key for searching secure information from the CMS without having to login. Your account manager at Liana Technologies can give you further information about this feature.
4 "My Start Page" section allows you to modify your start page. By clicking the Visibility icon you can set this feature as visible or hidden.
5 From the "Menu Shortcuts" section you can choose which links are shown on the green main menu. By clicking the Visibility icon you can set this feature as visible or hidden.

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