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New software does not need to be installed in order to use LianaCMS. Only a username and password are necessary.

Login to LianaCMS admin by writing your site address on your browser's address bar and adding /admin, for example



1 You can navigate on the different pages of the admin site from the main menu on the top of the page.
2 Different pages can also be accesses from the front page icons. The site analytics, latest comments, link monitoring etc. can also be visible in the main view. The front page is customer-specific so it can greatly differ from the example view.
3 You can search for pages and features with the search function.
4 You can modify your account information and settings by clicking your username.
5 From the upper right corner you can choose the site's language version or, if you have a multisite in use, you can choose a specific site from the drop-down menu.

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