Imports in LianaAutomation

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You can see the Excel/CSV import profiles available to you on the Imports page. The profiles are defined and implemented by Liana during the onboarding project, based on the customer's own Excel file structure.


1 Add a descriptive name for the import profile. 
2 Write an optional description in this field, for example, for importing which data the profile is used.  
3 Choose the channel where data is imported. 
4 The system creates the data structure according to the sample file. Choose the file to download.
5 On the Fields tab, you can find data fields i.e. your previously imported Excel file columns and their data type. Identify tab allows you to define the identifying data field, based on which the data is connected to the contacts (usually email address and SMS number). Import tab allows you to download the contacts and all their information. 

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