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On the Channels page, you can manage the channels from which data is imported to automations. 


1 The channels from which information is imported to automations. By clicking the channel name you can view and edit the settings and events of the channel. 
2 The channel type, for example website or online store. You can choose the type for a channel in channel settings. 
3 The amount of channel events. 
4 You can access the channel settings or you can delete a channel through the Actions button. You can also access the settings by clicking the channel name on the Settings page.       
5 Add a new channel.


You can modify channel name and other information on the Settings page. The channel settings are usually modified by Liana during the onboarding project.


1 Channel ID which is created automatically by the system. 
2 A descriptive name for the channel. 
3 You can choose a color ID for the channel in order to recognize it better in the user interface

Importing enabled - if this box is checked, data can be imported to channel through excel import.
Tracking enabled - if this box is checked, a monitoring script that can be embedded to the monitored website will be created to the channel. The script appears on the settings page if Tracking enabled box is checked.

5 The channel address for integrations.
6 This field can be used for personal notes. There can, for example, be a brief description about the channel functions and meaning, for example from where data is imported and how often the data is updated. 
7 Save the changes you have made. 
8 Modify events. 



The event settings on a channel's Events tab are usually modified by Liana during the onboarding project. The events/data that are coming to the channel can be managed on this page. For performance purposes, only the needed event types should be kept active (force enabled or auto enabled).


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