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LianaAutomation gathers a lot of data about automations. You can view this data on the Reports tab.


1 The monthly Open ratios and Click-through-ratios of LianaAutomation newsletters
2 The Open ratio and Click-through-ratio of a chosen month
3 You can view individual automation reports by clicking their name


Examining an individual report

Click the name of an individual automation of the Reports page and you can examine its more detailed report. 


1 On the Summary page, you can see general information about the automation, such as the number of messages attached, clickers and click ratio. You can also examine the persons behind the numbers more closely by clicking the numbers.
2 You can go and edit the automation on the Automations page from this link.
3 You can limit the report to include the messages that you want to examine and choose the time frame from which you want the messages to be.
4 On the Messages tab, you can see the open and click ratios of individual messages attached to an automation. Click the arrow next to the name of the message and you can view the data.
5 On the Sent messages tab, you can see all the messages that have been sent through this automation. For example, here you can check whether a certain message has been sent to an individual subscriber.
6 On the Links tab, you can examine the click data of all the messages in the automation. You can see link clickers by pressing the number in the Clickers column for each individual link.

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