Persons in LianaAutomation

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Persons tab shows all the people that are in the LianaAutomation register. 


1 A person's email address
2 A person's mobile number, if known
3 Time when a person has last been active, for example, clicked a link in a newsletter
4 You can download the person's information
5 Forget this person. Read more about this feature from below.
6 You can search for people with the search function


Forget a person

You can forget a person, i.e. delete all the data about a person by choosing this person on the left-hand side of the Persons page and then clicking the trashcan icon. After this, choose from which channels you want to delete this person and click Forget persons. Note that forgotten persons cannot be reactivated. 

Note: Forgetting a person only applies to LianaAutomation. Remember to also forget the person from LianaMailer if so required.



By clicking an email address, you can view a certain person's data.


1 Person's general information.
2 Person's event history in chronological order.
3 Filter channels and events.
4 From the arrow, you can examine an event more closely.
5 The location of the most recent event is shown on the map, if available.
6 Statistics about events.

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