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Use the Visited page option when you want the automation chain to based on whether someone visited a certain page.


First, choose whether you want to:

  • Wait for page visitation
  • Wait for page visitation for specific time OR
  • Check past page visitation


Wait for page visitation
Choose this option when you want to wait for a person's visit to the page for an unlimited time.

Wait for page visitation for specific time
Choose this option when you want to wait for a person's visit to the page for a specific time. After this set the wait time in days, hours and minutes. 

Check past page visitation
Choose this option if you want the condition to be that a person has visited the page at some stage of the automation chain. Therefore, it is not required that a visit has happened between the condition and the attached element for the automation to start. 


After this choose whether you want the automation to start when a subscriber visits

  • Any page on a certain channel
  • Certain page on a certain channel
  • Certain pages on a certain channel

Then choose the channel and write the page visit address depending on your previous choice. 

Save the automation.

Different kind of page browsing events

url: the URL of the site. Follow a specific URL. Can be used for example when a contact visits a URL-> give the contact x number of points in LianaAutomation. When a certain number of points is accumulated, a message is sent to the contact.

date: the date of the site visit. To look at a specific period of time, for example, when a site browsing event occurred.

kw: is "keywords". They are fetched from the page's <meta name="keyword" content="keywords go here" /> source.

bt: is set with 30 if the person has been browsing the page for 30 seconds ( a new pbr event with bt: 30 is sent at that moment)

ajax: is set to true if the script detects there has been a change in the url within 1 second after the page load, and also marked true in case of the 30 second page browse event

hash: it is set to the #locator part of the URL in case of the change of url that happens within 1 second or with the 30 second browsing pbr event.

(about #locator part, in eg this url:, #segment-criteria is the locator part)

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