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Use the Clicked link option when you want the automation chain to based on whether someone clicked a link in a newsletter.

First, choose whether you want to wait for:

  • Link click
  • Link click for specific time OR
  • Check past link click


Wait for link click
If you choose Wait for link click, the automation starts only after the link has been clicked. If the link is not clicked the automation doesn't start. 

Wait for link click for a specific time
If you choose Wait for link click for a specific time, the automation starts if the link has been clicked within a specific time. If the link is clicked after this specific time has run out the automation won't start. Set the wait time in days, hours and minutes. 


Check past link click
With this choice, you determine that the action attached to the element starts if a person has, at some point of the automation chain clicked the link in the message, despite whether the message that contains the clicked link is directly attached to the automation plan or is at an earlier stage.


After choosing one of these options, determine whether you want the automation to start when any of the links in the chosen message is clicked or when a specific link in the message is clicked. If you choose the latter option, choose the link that starts the automation at the bottom of the page.

The program might suggest setting the wait time between a clicked link and sending the message (in days, hours and minutes) depending on your previous choices in this window.


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