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You can give action orders to the automations in the Actions of the automation plan. Pull the action and condition you want to the automation plan from the right-hand side menu. Join the action and condition together by clicking a circle in both boxes when either a green or red action line is formed between them. 

Pull the line from a green circle if you want the automation to start when the condition is met. In turn, pull the line a red circle if you want to continue the automation for those subscribers that don't meet the condition.



In the automation chains, points can be added to contacts about certain actions, such as 2 points about clicking a link in a newsletter.  A certain score can then be set to trigger a certain action (Condition: Check score), like sending a new newsletter.

Please note that a contact's score consists of points gathered from all automations and are not tied to one automation chain. 

You can then create segments from contacts with a certain score on the Segments page. Choose Score total points as the Selected event of the Event Criteria. After this determine the segment's properties and their conditions and values that define the segment.


Send message

When you want the automation to send a message when a condition is met, join the Send message box and your chosen condition (for example Joined mailing list) together.


After this click the Send message box once when Properties tab opens on the right-hand side of the page. Choose the email or SMS message you want to send from properties.


After this you can choose the message that will be attached to the automation from the templates on your account. 


Start at

When you want to start a certain action (for example, Send message) without any condition being met (for example, Clicked link), you can use the Start at action. 


Choose whether you want to start this action

  • Once at a specific date and time
  • Repeatedly every day at specific time
  • Repeatedly at specified weekdays 
  • Repeatedly once every two weeks OR
  • Repeatedly once every month

After this determine the time when you want to start this action.


When you want the automation chain to wait for some action to be carried out, choose Wait element. 


Set the wait time in days, hours and minutes. 

Add to segment 

Choose Add to segment when you want to add subscribers that meet a certain condition to a segment that you've created on the Segments page. 


Choose the segment where you want to add those that meet the condition.

Add to mailing list

Use this action when you want to add subscribers that meet a certain condition to a mailing list. Join the condition in your automation plan to the Add to mailing list element and click the box to open the Properties tab. Choose the mailing list where you want to the subscribers that meet the conditions.


Send internal notification

With LianaAutomation tool's Send internal notification function, you can automate internal email notifications once a person reaches a certain stage in an automation. In addition to the recipients, you can determine the information shown in the notification and the sending interval.

This feature can be utilized, for example, when you want to automate a notification that goes out to your sales team when a customer has registered to an event or when a prospect has shown interest and ordered your newsletter.


Enter the email addresses to which you want the notifications to be sent. Then choose the fields that are displayed in the notifications, such as the name and email of the person who joined a mailing list. Then choose the sending interval and save the automation.


If this feature is not visible on your account and you would like to have it activated free of charge, please contact our support to have this feature activated. 

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