Question: How does the tracking of the message opens technically work?

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With track message opens function you can see whether recipients open your newsletter or not. You can see more specific data about opens from message reports, such as who opened your newsletter, the time when they opened and Open Ratio which gives the percentage of the recipients that opened.

To get the data about opens into your report, LianaMailer adds a small invisible image in your newsletters. Once a recipient opens a letter they’ve received, the image is downloaded from our server and the open can be added to your report. This method is a popular one in email marketing to track message opens and has been proven to work.

However, this method is not without its faults because it doesn’t work if you want to send a text-only newsletter. Tracking message opens also can’t count opened newsletters if the recipient has defined in their email client settings that they don’t want images to be displayed. This function doesn’t work if the recipient’s firewall or spam filter prevents images from opening. Recipients’ servers can also limit outgoing traffic and thus, prevent LianaMailer from getting data about opens.

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