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GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) will be enforced in all EU member states in May 2018. The regulation is aimed to harmonize EU's data protection practices and improve the privacy of EU citizens.

The regulation concerns all those organizations that collect, store and process personal data, whether they are a large listed company, a foundation, an association or an administrative organization. 

After GDPR it is very important to know what personal data you store in LianaMailer and how the data has ended up there. 

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Watch our video on how to define and add consents and grounds for sending here.

Defining your grounds for sending

The first step in going through your registers is to define your grounds for sending. These mean consents from people or other legitimate grounds for storing personal data.

You can store your own consents in LianaMailer in Settings and Grounds for sending. There you will also find Legitimate grounds where employment has already been set as default.



Click the plus icon to add a new consent. Give the consent a name and write a detailed description of what the consent contains, so that your entire team knows what the consent is about. Then you can configure your translations on the Localizations tab – these are what your subscribers see when they want to look at or edit their own info on the subscription page. There the subscriber can also see on what grounds they are on your list.  


Adding grounds for sending

After defining your different grounds for sending and creating your consents, you can add them to your lists and subscribers. Grounds for sending can be added to entire lists, individual subscribers or add them to new contacts or lists when importing them to the system.

Adding grounds for sending to an entire list
When you want to add grounds for an entire list, choose a list from the Lists tab by double-clicking the list name. Choose Grounds for sending tab from the page that opens.


1 The chosen grounds for sending will be added to all recipients on the list. Gray parts mean that you don't have any localizations for the grounds of sending which means they can't be applied.
2 Localization of the grounds that you want to add for the current list members. Localizations are translations that you have added for the grounds for sending. 
3 The chosen grounds for sending will be removed from the recipients on the list. Gray parts mean that you don't have any localizations for the grounds of sending which means they can't be applied.
4 Localization of the grounds that you want to remove for the current list members. Localizations are translations that you have added for the grounds for sending.
5 Recently added and deleted grounds for sending.


Adding grounds for sending when importing a list
When you are adding grounds for sending to addresses you are importing to LianaMailer, you can choose the grounds while importing. 


LianaMailer automatically combines multiple entries. This means that if you just added grounds to or uploaded someone who is already on some other list, the grounds will be updated in their already existing data.

Adding grounds for sending for an individual subscriber
You can add grounds to individual subscribers in their info, on the Grounds tab. You can find the grounds for sending by double-clicking the email address you want on the Subscribers page. Choose Grounds for sending on the page that opens. Here you can see all the different grounds for sending your subscriber has, and also add new ones. Grounds can also be removed from subscribers, if needed. If you accidentally added the wrong one, or if you know that for some reason some subscribers shouldn’t have specific grounds, you can either remove grounds by clicking an individual line and clicking the Delete icon. Grounds can be removed from individual subscribers or entire lists. 

Gathering consents from existing subscribers
Consent link is added to a newsletter in the editor like any other link, by clicking the Add link / edit link icon. You can find the Consents tab in the window that opens. Choose the consent you want your subscribers to accept from the menu. When a recipient clicks the link in the newsletter, the consent will be added to their subscriber information.

For example, you can add a content block to your monthly newsletter where you tell about GDPR. Add the consent link to end in your text.


Filtering the recipients according to grounds for sending

Gathering consents as a part of your recurring communications is one way to activate your current subscriber database. However, LianaMailer enables filtering recipients according to the grounds for sending. 

One of the delivery stages is now whether you want to filter your recipients or not. Obtain consents alternative sends the message only to those that don't have certain grounds for sending. Therefore, it is good for opt-in campaigns aimed to gather consents. Make sure that the person that gives their consent knows what they are agreeing to. 


If you have already configured your grounds for sending, and want to fully comply with GDPR, you can filter out everyone who is missing the grounds you selected. In this case you only send to those subscribers that have the consent or other legitimate grounds that you have chosen.  

The right to be forgotten and the right to see your own data

After GDPR has come into force, the people in your register have the right to be forgotten, meaning they can ask you to delete all data that is related to them. A link can be added to subscribe/unsubscribe page that enables the newsletter subscribers to request access to the data that concerns them and ask for the removal of this data. Ask more info about this feature from our team, we are happy to help!

LianaMailer users can download and delete subscribers' data from the buttons on the Subscribers tab.


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